Spiritual Care Providers can connect you with a Spiritual Guide with a Masters qualification and an additional professional certification in this field. Further, each Companion is a member of a professional board and in good standing.

By  Companioning, we mean Spiritual Companioning which may be called by different names including Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Accompaniment even in its non-professional guise it can be known as Sponsorship or Soul-Friend.  What it is, is a relationship with a person with whom to share your life journey. The struggles, the joys, the connection, the feeling of disconnection, essentially, what is happening in your life and helping you live towards your unique fullness of life, no matter how you articulate that. In this sense, it is a intimate relationship connecting you to your truest self and endeavouring to bring that forward into the world with a professionally trained guide who helps you navigate the process with their skills, training and experience.

Transformation within ourselves can often come through relationship with others, participation in Spiritual Companioning with an empathetic qualified professional can open doorways into the spirit and the Self. By being in that space and being present to the Self one can be afforded the freedom to hear one’s own inner voice, the voice of the True self which is mediated by an energy greater than our own.

The interrelatedness of all beings is very evident in the Spiritual Companioning relationship where stillness and space foster a sense of true connection which is beyond the level of the mind.  Where the ego and the thinking mind are left outside the door and we enter into an arena of heart felt communion and creative discernment.

If Spiritual Companioning interests you, if you want to process your journey through the courses or your work/ life experiences please contact us through the contact page.