Outsourcing Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care Providers.ie is an innovative new approach to Spiritual Care with outsourcing professional and tailored Spirituality/ Chaplaincy services.

Outsourcing is a proven tool for improving business performance and transforming customer services. Spiritual Care Providers.ie is a flexible committed outsourcing partner. We offer a qualitative service in a persons life journey guiding them towards meaning and purpose so that they may transform their perspective toward a better sense of well being.

Spiritual Care Providers.ie delivers specialised care to residents (patients, students or those in your care), residents families and staff. We also deliver results to companies and institutions . We offer professional expertise and independence to our clients’ advantage – delivering an efficient, accurate and reliable service. We create and run a completely bespoke care package arrangements with our clients which enable us to offer site specific services, efficiency, quality and flexibility to increase customer satisfaction.

We have the knowledge, insight and understanding to implement solutions efficiently and effectively. We can provide seamless integration into an organisation improving customer service that is backed by research based best practices and practical experience. Helping you to manage positive change, inspiring people and essentially, adding to the quality of care. Spiritual Care solutions for important life mile stones that can be taken care of on your behalf. We offer a single point of contact who will co-ordinate and facilitate Spiritual Care with the highest levels of professionalism; and assurance that our practices are research based tried and tested.

Families recognise, that the quality of care for a loved one requires not only regular physical upkeep but also, that the persons spiritual needs are being met. Time and time again over the last fifty years research has shown that providing spiritual resources greatly improves quality of life and well being and very much adds to the level of care and to the value of customer satisfaction. Spiritual Care Providers.ie is a new way to do things better, where the latest academic research meets Chaplaincy. Begin your journey today and contact us for a consultation, make the necessary decision to set yourself apart from your competitors.